5 Simple Strategies for Myofascial Self-Care

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Easy to Implement Myofascial Strategies

Whether you have a regular self-care practice or are just starting out, adding a few fascia-specific steps to your stretching routine will be sure to give your body the attention it's been craving.


Mind-Body Techniques for Deeper Awareness

The fascial system is rightly named, Connective Tissue. Engaging both the mind and body, together, will unleash your self-care practice into expansive, new territory.


Myofascial Insight Leads to Profound Results

Crack the code of how to effectively engage with your fascial system. It's part sensation and part science. Understanding the why helps you build the foundation of your self-care practice. 

If you are going to invest time into self-care, you want results!

Time is valuable and there is only so much to go around- especially for yourself. If you are going to squeeze precious minutes from your week- FOR YOU- it had better be worthwhile. 

Myofascial self-care can give you a hefty return on your time investment if you know how to dial in to the places that need your attention the most.

You can make a few Myofascial mindset tweaks to an already existing stretching or body rolling routine to feel your time was well spent. 

Just starting out? Implement Myofascial strategies from the get-go for impressive results.


Your body is in constant communication with you. Learn its language as if your health depends on it.

  • Self-care is a popular phrase these days. Let's cut through the noise. Having a routine that meaningfully engages all parts of your being is true self-care.
  • Commitment to self can often be last on the list. Learn how to get results that make you want to spend time with and on yourself.
  • Take a moment now. Ya, right now and check in with yourself. Is your body asking for less tension, deeper relaxation, more connection, fewer aches and pains, a chance to breathe...


A Note From Renie...

Self-reliance continues to be a rallying cry.

In my 20+ years as a bodyworker, never have I felt so called to teach as opposed to touch.

In the reality check that was 2020, the importance of laying a solid and reliable foundation rooted in Myofascial self-care became glaringly obvious. 

At a time when inner wisdom needs to be clear and direct, and listening to the body is non-negotiable, the importance of knowing how to navigate the self is crucial. 

We are being called to hear the urgency and importance to tend to the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our being. 

If you hear the call, I personally invite you to join us.